Mantenna - Wednesday, January 20

January 19, 2010

Miranda Kerr strips for GQ, Mystikal gets released from jail after serving six years, and Michael Jordan is less hateable than usual while on Mantenna to rule them all!

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Miranda Kerr Strips for GQ

The sexy Aussie model and Victoria’s Secret Angel strips off for the February issue of GQ magazine. The 26-year-old appears naked in a racy pictorial was photographed lying on an old leather sofa and reclining on the floor reading the newspaper. The model apparently had “no qualms about being naked” and GQ’s fashion director Madeline Weeks describes her body as “flawless.” In the accompanying interview Kerr talks about being lonely, driving her grandmother's ancient column shift Valiant as a youngster, and her jailed ex-boyfriend. [GQ]

Madonna Wants Another Baby

Madonna is reportedly desperate to have another baby and wants her toy-boy boyfriend Jesus Luz to be the father. Madonna, who is 51-years-old, knows it will be challenging to conceive a child naturally, but has said, “I have endless love in my heart for another child.". She also believes Luz, who is 22 years younger, would make a “fantastic dad.” Luz is said to be excited and has apparently told Madonna that “fatherhood would be his greatest adventure, and that he wanted to go on this journey with her." I bet he does. [The Sun]

Andy Serkis to Burke & Hare’s Rescue

Burke and Hare is a movie in development about the Irish immigrants William Burke and William Hare, two entrepreneurs who killed seventeen people and sold them to Edinburgh Medical College for anatomy classes. For a long time the two stars set for the film were David Tennant and Simon Pegg, but then Tennant had to drop the film. Luckily for the filmmakers, Andy Serkis (whom many of you might have seen as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy) has come to the rescue. The actor will be pairing up with Pegg sans CG, and it’s likely he’s grateful for the opportunity to actually show his face this time around. [First Showing]

D.J. Caruso is Number One for Number Four

Director D.J. Caruso, the talented mind behind movies like Disturbia and Eagle Eye, is the guy who’s been chosen to direct an adaptation of the first book of six by James Frey (the guy Oprah accused of fraud and lying) and Jobie Hughes titled, I Am Number Four. The book follows a family of aliens that escape their exploding planet, one of whom disguises himself as an alien but is found by a “rival species.” Sounds kind of like a John Hughes movie meets Men In Black. [Heat Vision Blog]

Mystikal Released From Jail After Serving Six Years


Source: Mystikal/Getty Images

After serving a six-year prison term for sexual battery and extortion, New Orleans MC Mystikal was released from jail last week. "My feet back on the ground. Man it's been a long time," Mystikal told New Orleans' Q93 radio station. "I'm back. I'm still trying to feel this reality. It feels like a dream. Watch how I'm going to shake this world up now. I want reparation!" Good luck, playa. [Billboard]

Michael Jordan Less Hateable Than Usual While on Leno

The greatest basketball player of all time (just ask him) appeared on Jay Leno's humorless comedy show last night in order to tell the folks at home that he gets manicures at least twice a month and may or may not burn piles of money when there's nothing good on television. The Hall of Famer also called Leno an idiot when the alleged comedian asked if he would still be able to dunk a basketball - giving the audience their lone sincere laugh of the evening and a reason to hate the arrogant player a little bit less than usual.  [With Leather]

Sony's PS3 Motion Controller Hits Delays

Sony has just announced that its motion control peripheral for the PlayStation 3 will not, as originally planned, be shipping in Spring 2010. "We have decided to release the Motion Controller in fall 2010 when we will be able to offer an exciting and varied line-up of software titles that will deliver the new entertainment experience to PS3 users," says Kaz Hirai, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment. This probably shouldn't come as too much of a shock, considering the last time we saw this thing it looked like a candy bar with a ping pong ball glued to it. [Computer and Video Games]

China Monitoring Text Messages for "Banned" Keywords

Censorship's been an ongoing issue in China for decades, but in the last week Google's really opened a can of worms. Now, the massive carrier China Mobile has been found snooping on people's messages, looking for "illegal or unhealthy content." Yipes. The Chinese government has supplied a list of keywords for China Mobile to search for, targeting those engaged in piracy, pornography, and anything else they deem as being unsavory. Maybe AT&T's metro cell coverage isn't so bad after all... [New York Times]

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