No Record Too TUF For Chicago

October 28, 2008

This past Monday, the UFC and Spike TV held the final casting call for The Ultimate Fighter 9 and coaxed out an astonishing 641 hopeful fighters, shattering the previous record.

The call, held in Chicago, came only two days after the UFC drew more than 15,000 fans to the All-State Arena in greater Chicago for UFC 90. It was the first time the UFC had held a major event in the area and confirmed suspicions that it's one of the country's biggest hotbeds for MMA.

Between Monday's turnout and that of the previous casting call held last week in London, which drew in about 200 fighters, the UFC and Spike will have nearly 1,000 contestants to choose from for the next season of TUF. As always there are sure to be at least a few great fighters in the mix, as well as plenty of drunken fools.