Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Highwayman vs. Bushranger

August 16, 2010

Highwaymen were the people who invented the term, "Your money or your life?". They carried concealable weapons, and robbed people on horseback. The bushrangers were Australian outlaws who were known for their exceptional improvised armour. They would hide from authorities in the underdeveloped rural areas in the Land Down Under.

Without further ado, I present to you the first weapon used by the highwaymen...the blunderbuss. This early shotgun prototype may just have enough penetration to go through the bushranger's armour.

1700s Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol - Detailed Replica of Classic Gun Used by Pirates and Highwaymen

The blunderbuss was the common, "outlaw weapon" of the time.

As their pistol of choice, the bushrangers would use the Webley .32 pistol.

Bushrangers generally carried two of these, just to be on the safe side.

A good weapon for the higwayman was a concealable one known as the swordstick. The blade was similar to that of a rapier.

It could be disguised as a harmless cane, and when need be could be pulled out as a deadly weapon.

The bushranger would use the nulla nulla as a club or a throwing stick.

Though the weapon was primarily used by the indeginous Aborigine tribes of Australia, the bushranger could have adopted it as their own.

Next, the highwaymen liked to use a good close range weapon for an assain...the dagger.

This weapon was easily concealble behind the dark cloaks that the highwayman wore.

The bushranger turned a survival tool into a weapon as well.

The hatchet was a good tool for homicide, as well as for living on your own.

Finally, the highwaymen had an explosive weapon fired from a grenade launcher.

It was called the grenado, and special rifles had been designed just for firing it.

On the other hand, the bushrangers would use TNT.

Sticks of dynamite created a chaotic explosion.

The bushrangers had state of the art armour. It could deflect strong bullets at point blank range consistantly.

It's going to be difficult to beat a bulletproof enemy, but perhaps the blunderbuss will pull it off.

(I managed to recover this as well. Check other blogposts to see other scores being settled)

Highwayman vs. Bushranger

  This battle takes place in the Australian Outback, where there is mostly sand and the only cover is large rocks and shrubs. Five highwaymen, dressed in their dark cloaks cover behind a boulder. They make hand motions and signal to each other where to go. Meanwhile, a squad of bushrangers lay low in a No Man’s Land, covered by the desert flora. The vegetation conceals them slightly. One of the bushrangers spots a mounted highwayman, takes out his Webley pistol, and shoots three times. The highwayman falls off of him horse, but unbeknownst to the bushrangers, is not dead. The deceptive highwayman then very slowly inches towards the grenade launcher that had fallen with him. Then, quite quickly, he lets one fly toward the bushrangers. There is quite a large explosion, and the bushrangers scatter. Many try to shoot the assailant through the smoke, but the shots just hit the desert sand instead, producing large clouds.

  A lone bushranger is out on his own, not knowing what to do, when suddenly, a shot is fired at his back. He drops down instantly.

  Two highwaymen enter a house, and a bushranger sees this occur. With that, he places dynamite near the window and runs away. The domicile is obliterated, with one of the men dead and the other crawling on the floor like a snake. The bushranger comes to put his gun to his enemy’s head, and puts the crawling man out of his misery. Then he jumps on his horse. While riding, he approaches an enemy on his respective horse. He shoots the cloaked man several times, but misses. The dogfight continues as blunderbuss shots are fired, but they are much too far away to be effective, though one does clank against the metal of the armour. Then, the joust continues, and while the two enemies ram into each other at full speed, the highwayman pulls out his swordstick and delivers a blow. The small clank of the armour and the tiny dent show the ineffectiveness of the weapon. The bushranger tries to deliver a Parthian blow, but misses, so he keeps riding. Undeterred, the Highwayman turns around and gives chase. He manages to get his grenade from his launcher to land perfectly only five metres away from his adversary. Then, at the precisely right moment, the bushranger walks right into the explosive and gets blasted to kingdom come.

  A highwayman sees a bushranger and gives chase, shooting wildly. After many rounds are exchanged, the bushranger jumps in behind a boulder. Many shots are fired at the large rock, but it only cracks. Finally, the highwayman goes up to point blank range on the other side of the boulder and shoots. Many metallic clangs resonate. The highwayman then draws his swordstick and ascends up the boulder, jumping down at his foe. The bushranger timidly ducks away, the sword slightly slicing against the metal armour gives off a metal ringing.  The bushranger takes out his axe, and goes for a chop at his enemy. Unfortunately, his prey ducks, so a large chunk of the boulder falls off instead. He swings the axe again, this time across the highwayman’s gut, where he spews a large amount of blood. Then, with the axe, he decapitates his foe.

 A bushranger runs through the vastness thinking he is invincible, wielding two nulla nullas. He throws one at a passing highwayman, who is bruised quite badly by it. Then, he clambers up to his fallen man as quickly as he can, and beats him to death by clubbing him with the nulla nulla.

The lone remaining highwayman still hides in the shrubs. However, the three bushrangers take notice of him. The highwayman loads up his grenade launcher with grenado after grenado after grenado, firing several times. One bushranger died after a few explosions. The two remaining were nearing closer and closer to him. Their Webley .32s fired bullet after bullet until they were foolishly out of ammo. The highwayman ran up to them with his hands up. He then went to a bushranger and opened up the metal coating covering his throat, cutting it with a dagger. Then, he ran as the remaining bushranger fired off at him. He mounted on his horse a charged, blunderbuss aimed at the target. However, as he charged, four bullets hit him around the torso, and he dropped down off of his horse. It wasn’t a trick this time. In victory, the bushranger fires two shots off into the air, and rode away on his horse, spinning his pistol on his finger.

Analysis: Though the blunderbuss was able to clear through the armour, the bushranger was still a bulletproof warrior. This meant that the closer range weapons that the opponent brought would be a lot less lethal.