How To Hide Your Secrets

September 16, 2008

I've got a lot of secrets.  And I don't trust a single one of my friends as far as I can throw them.  Which is not far (excepting for Mr. Fidgets, my dwarf friend).  Anyway, there are certain things I want to write down but not have as public record.  Purely hypothetical examples may include: recipe for making a low carb quiche, passwords and usernames for sites of dubious nature, and your mom's phone number.  Hit the jump to know the secrets of the mysterious potion which allows me to do so.

This particular invisible ink isn't of the stripe you purchased out the back of a comic book as a toeheaded whelp.  This ink, rather than "staining" what you write on, actually disappears.  It starts pink, goes blank after exposure to air, and reappears as blue upon light heating.  Get a bottle here for $16. From the site:

Invisible Ink is water-based, and comes in a 1-ounce bottle. Please note the ink is suitable for nibs and glass and quill pens, and cannot be used in fountain pens.

They say it's okay for quill pens, as if I write with anything less dandy.