Transformers 2.0 gets More Moving Parts

June 2, 2008


Optimus Prime is receiving supplemental troops in his ongoing, intergalactic campaign against the anarchistic Decepticons.  God, I just hate the Decepticons so much. They’re such a-holes. Anything that puts Megan Fox’s boobs and/or humanity in mortal danger is not okay with me in the least.

O.P.’s reinforcements, though, face dire straights.  There will be a total of 10 Autobots, but they will be set against a devilishly clever regime of 10 Decepticons.  Curse the fates.  What’re the odds?

The odds, it turns out, are very good.  This is partly because of the harmonic nature of screenwriting.  But it is also because of the bodacious nature of robotic warriors. There was really no avoiding a 10 vs. 10 battle royale.  The news of the extra ‘bots is coming from the writer, Robert Orci, who suggested the 20 total bots on a Transformers message board.

More support for Robocalypse comes from my keen intuition that Michael Bay – now, this is just a feeling – won’t shy away from the spectacle of more robotic ass-kickery even if he is so widely regarded for his elegant subtlety.