The Strike Fishing Game Will Be Better Than Real Fishing

April 23, 2009

The Strike will be a lot like existing fishing games.  This is excellent because fishing games are the most underrated games on the market.  But there will be a few improvements to the genre.

The main thing that’s going to change is Microsoft will finally pull its own head out of its gills and make a totally sweet fishing rod controller.  Nintendo already tried and failed.  Fishing is for serious gamers.  No balloon-headed cartoon Mii is going to be able to sit in a fighting chair opposite a black marlin for more than a few minutes. 

The game will feature Quick Fish, Career, and Tournament modes.  It will also feature boat racing and casting competitions.  But, seriously, check out that sweet reel. 

All this being said, no game has ever or will ever match Sega Marine Fishing for the Dreamcast.  

Source: Unscripted 360