How to Make Sure Your Girl Orgasms

July 31, 2008


Today in the United Kingdom it is National Orgasm Day, a day devoted to the female orgasm. Could there be a better day!! It's also the day that the results of the world’s largest orgasm survey are released. Some finding this year show that nearly half of all women are not getting their fair share of orgasms, that 15 percent of women have never reached the big O, 46% have never or rarely achieve vaginal orgasm during penetrative sex and only 75% of women claim to have a G-Spot , though women differ on its exact location. In honor of National Orgasm Day and to help women gain their fair share of oh, oh, oh here are some helpful tips.

#1 Do It With a New Focus


I’m pretty sure that 99.99 percent of women like sex. But guys must be doing something wrong if 36% of women say they never or rarely achieve clitoral orgasm during penetrative sex, but 85% often or always achieve clitoral orgasm by self-stimulation. Maybe it’s time to redirect your focus. Try different things, places or positions. Men’s Health Magazine has some tips boasts several ways to “guarantee her an orgasm” with some excellent tips on ways to focus on the clitoris.

#2 Get Her Some Solo Help


The survey pretty much confirms that the vibrator is a woman’s best friend. One participant is quoted as saying “Until I bought a vibrator I had never had an orgasm of any kind. At the grand old age of 43 it came as quite a shock!” So if your lady doesn’t have a vibrator, it’s time to buy her a present. You might want to investigate a voice activated vibrator. These allow you lady to command and instruct the vibrator and we all know how important communication is in the bedroom.

#3 Help Locate the G-Spot


Not all women have a G-spot and the science on it is still a little iffy. It is sometimes called the female prostate and is made up of a system of glands and ducts that surround the urethra. In the National Orgasm survey 72% of women said they were aware of their G-spot but differed on its exact location. What a perfect excuse to help your woman discover a new spot. Have some fun doing some NSFW research online or even purchase an instructional video.

#4 Learn Something About Pelvic Muscles


The survey made a big deal about women’s pelvic muscles. As the name suggest these are muscles attached to the pelvis and basically support a woman’s vagina and associated parts. They are important. In the survey women who conducted pelvic muscle exercises were twice as likely to achieve vaginal orgasm as those who didn’t. Strangely the survey found that 92% of women would like to be shown how to exercise their pelvic muscles properly. You may want to think about getting your girl a Pelvic Toner, a strange contraption that will give your woman ripped pelvic muscles. According to the survey 62% of women using the Pelvic Toner reported an improved sex life within 2 weeks rising to 82% after 4 weeks.

#5 Fake it


If all else fails fake it and watch When Harry Met Sally. You’ll both laugh and that’s almost as good as an orgasm and may actually lead to “getting it on”.

Happy National Orgasm Day