Really Hot Skier's Injury May Make Olympics Slightly Uglier

February 10, 2010

For anybody who loves women’s downhill skiing because of the mildly fast action and entertaining death rate, don’t worry. But for fans who can’t spell the word “ski” and like looking at hot women in spandex – the 2010 Winter Games just took an ugly turn.

Lindsay Vonn, who graced the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue this week, suffered a bruised shin yesterday that may keep the gold medal favorite (and Alpine spank bank star) out of the games.

It’s too early to tell if she’s going to still compete, but if Vonn is forced out of action, the creepy old guys who manage the podium will not be able to look down the shirt of a really hot (and possibly talented?) girl when she bends over to get her medal.

Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images