So, Somebody Crammed a Gun Into a Zippo

July 25, 2011

We see lots of weird weapons here at, especially since the Deadliest Warrior crew came along. And we're not talking about Dr. Dorian's chili, either, although we did learn not to bet money on being able to eat that. No, we're talking about guns crammed into all sorts of things. Including, apparently, a Zippo.

What's amazing about said Zippo gun is the sheer attention to detail. The gun itself is pretty tiny: it's only packing a 4mm bullet (basically the size of an Airsoft pellet). Also, needless to say, you're loading each bullet one at a time. But the little touches more than make up for its small size and probable ineffectiveness.

For example, you keep the ammo in a Ronson flint holder. The trigger is, of course, the striking wheel. The barrel is hidden inside where the wick is normally located. And, otherwise, the case looks absolutely perfect; you'd have no idea somebody was about to light your fire for good until they opened it and pointed it at you.

So, where can you get one of these bad boys? Sadly, there's only one on the market that we know of, and it was sold at auction in 2006 to a private buyer for nearly $7,000. So, really, just find a gun collector and ask him for a light: you'll know if he owns it soon enough...

Photo: Itay Bar-Lev/Getty Images