NFL Star Uses Controversial "Savagely Beat Up your Pregnant Girlfriend" Offseason Workout

January 28, 2010

Get ready for what might become the most revolting sports scandal to hit the blogosphere since the “Khloe Kardashian midriff pictures” surfaced at last week’s Los Angeles Lakers’ home game. (Serious, Lamar...)

According to authorities, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson is currently being investigated after his ex-girlfriend lodged the following complaint:

Steven became enraged and pushed me to the ground, repeatedly. He forcibly grabbed my arm and flung me against the door. I was crying and trying to protect my stomach from the blows, as I was nine months pregnant. He continued to shove me against the door until his nephew … interceded and yelled, "uncle, she has a baby, stop."

Oh, it gets worse, sports fans.

Harris says Jackson took her to a nearby hospital but instructed her to lie and tell doctors that she was injured from a fall in the shower.

The old “I fell in the shower, so now I have a black eye and several facial wounds” excuse. A page right out of the Ike Turner playbook.

So far Jackson has yet to comment, but I imagine this is about to blow up rather quickly.

Source: Paul Jasienski/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images