Should Lu Bu be on Deadliest Warrior?

July 25, 2009

The question is, "Should Lu Bu be on the next season on Deadliest Warrior?". I think someone should stand up to the Spike producers of Deadliest Warrior and tell them the history behind Lu Bu. He was the warrior of the land known as the " Flying General". With a name such as that you would think someone like that deserves a chance to be honored on the show, but your wrong. He was clamed as the bad guy for his betrayal to the Han, But he slayed Dong Zhuo, which was somewhat a good deed to all the people. Afterwards Lu Bu chose to leave the capital to Xia Pi, and betrayed Liu Bei by taking Xia Pi, that may have been a mistake, but thats okay. He was not the best war lord, but think, are the other war lords any better? He may have been a desperate man, but he put his family before himself, even his own forces. His daughter known as Lu Lingqi was offered  Yuan Shu's son Yuan Yao's hand in marriage for an alliance, but Lu Bu refused for them to marry. I dont know if Lu Lingqi wanted to marry Yuan Shu's son or not, but wasn't Lu Bu just being a father? though he was desperate, once he was surrounded at Xia Pi he did what a desperate war lord would do, he allowed Yuan Yao to marry Lu Lingqi. Yuan Shu was offended by this action and wouldnt send troops to him until Lu Lingqi married Yuan Yao. there wasn't enough time Lu Lingqi was escorted out of Xia Pi and thats the last time she was heard of. Later in the Battle of Xia Pi, Lu Bu was captured and exicuted by Liu Bei's recomendation, and he was hanged. Lu Bu was skilled in all the martial arts and was a master in archery and horsemenship. So does Lu Bu deserve a chance to be recognized for one day, its your choice.