Jack Nicklaus' Grandson Disappoints Family By Becoming Star Football Player

September 15, 2009

After deciding he wanted to play a sport that girls found “attractive,” Nick O’Leary (the grandson of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus) has decided to reject his athletic legacy and pursue a career in football.

O’Leary, a 6-foot-4 Junior tight end at some irrelevant high school in a state known for elderly people who can’t vote properly is considered to be one of the best players in the country and has already received scholarship offers from Florida, Tennessee, and Miami. (USC is presumably interested, but isn’t quite sure they can afford him at this point after finishing their final payments on Reggie Bush last season.)

While O’Leary is a 16-year-old scratch golfer who is currently tied with Greg Norman for tournament wins since 1998, it is unlikely he will ever use the sport as anything more than a recreational retreat or way to win copious amounts of money of Michael Jordan.

Source: David Cannon/Getty Images