$4,000 Marty McFly Sneakers

January 7, 2009

SneakerFreaker is reporting on a set of hand-made replicas to the iconic Nike sneakers worn in the future by Marty McFly.  But, because you can’t go to the future (even though I can) if you want theses rad kicks, you’ve got to build them yourself. 

And you can do it!  You can do it, so long as you’ve got $4,000 just floating around for sneaker-building. That’ll get you a professional, orthopedic shoe manufacturer that will create the McFly kicks from scratch to match not only the shoes in the movie, but the delicate curves of your overly-fashionable feet as well.

Or, you can get the DIY versions for slightly less.  Mark Kurath built a prototype to show the shoemaker. Start buy buying the 1989 Air Pegasus and then just pause Back to the Future and sew on the appropriate Nike swooshes and super high tops yourself.