Celt vs Viking

August 8, 2010

CELT --- Long Sword, Lancea, Sling, Burda Club.

VIKING --- Great Ax, Long Sword, Spear, Shield.

EDGE --- Long Sword and Great Ax are EVEN, Lancea for throwing lethality, Spear for mucmore letlity and two are thrown, Burda for crushing lethality and high chances of breaking the Shield like the Kanabo.

A Viking is seen walking through the thick forests of Europe. He is seen by a Celt on his chariot. The Celt yells his battle cry, shocking the Viking. He screams back, ready for the chariot to ride over. Instead, The Celt throws a lancea, nearly missing the Viking. The Viking throws two of his own spears. One misses, the other gashes the Celt's arm. The Celt whips the horses to ride toward the Viking. While riding, he shoots two projectiles from the sling. One misses, the other hits, but bounces off the chainmail. The Viking takes his great ax and kills the horse that is closer, which sends the Celt flying.

He recovers, throwing another lancea, though he missed. The Viking charges at the Celt with his shield and long sword. The Celt runs back towards his chariot, grabbing his burda and his own long sword. The Viking attempts to impale the Celt but he dodges, holds the sword with his own, and breaks it with the burda. The Viking pulls back his broken sword, puts all his force behind his shield and rams into the Celt.

The Celt smashes to the ground dropping the sword and hits the shield with the burda, smacking the iron boss off. The Viking runs to get his ax which is stuck into the Celtic horse corpse (still). While struggling with the ax, the Celt gets up and chops the ax head off with his sword. Now that the Viking is completely disarmed, he runs for his life! Now that his enemy is far away, the Celt swings his sling and hits the Viking, making him fall down, a few feet away from a previously thrown spear.

While the Viking crawls towards his spear, the Celt aims with his last lancea and hurls it at his enemy. It hits his left thigh, pinning him to the ground. He runs toward the pinned Viking, beats him up to a bloody pulp with the burda, and decapitates the Viking with is long sword. It then shows the Celt limping to his Celtic Village and hangs the head outside his hut.

CELT --- 537.

Long Sword --- 145.

Lancea --- 172.

Sling --- 89.

Burda --- 131.

VIKING --- 463.

Great Ax --- 125.

Long Sword --- 140.

Spears --- 83.

Shield --- 115.