2 Auction Hunters, 1 Wheel

June 10, 2012
This week it was time to invade the Inland Empire and head straight to Riverside, CA. This city is home to many high-priced antiques so this meant the boys had to be on their toes because the competition was going to be rough. Let's find out how it all went down this week:


Sold For: $6,000

There was a wooden box in the Auction Hunters' second unit so big it was taking up almost half the freakin' room. This thing was just a beast so obviously it meant what was going to be inside was either going to be a huge disappointment or a huge payday for Ton and Allen. Time to celebrate boys, because it's a monocycle! Ton and Allen lined up a buyer for their find immediately, a fellow named Josh who was a custom bike fabricator. After Josh took this one-wheel contraption for an awesome joyride, Ton and Allen put the pressure on him and were able to get him to fork over $6,000 for it. Who knew a ride with one tire could be worth so much money?

Well, it looks like Riverside never fails to disappoint, and Ton and Allen were definitely surprised with how well they did even with the locals creeping over their shoulders at every unit up for auction. Our heroes spent a total of $2,000 on two storage units, and sold their cemetery gun, monocycle gun, and other finds for $8,780. Their balance sheet looked greener than ever when they finally received $6,780 in profit. Inland Empire, we'll be back!

Did you catch that monocycle joyride? It's definitely a sight to see. Watch this week's episode, "Dead Aim", now available on Spike.com for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to check out the Auction Hunters Facebook page for all the latest news, updates, and Facebook matchups we post, and remember to keep your eyes wide open for all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 9/8c on SPIKE.