Computer Dating Predates Cable TV

May 20, 2008


Internet dating isn’t as new as you’d think. Last month ChrisDunn and Pam Jensen of Chicagocelebrated 25 years of wedded bliss after hooking up with each other in anearly version of a computer chat room.

According to theChicago Tribune :

Chris Dunn and Pam Jensen met on a CompuServe CB Simulator program thatlinked computer users nationwide in an early version of a chat room. After afew months of virtual chatting, Chris booked an April 23 flight from New York to O'HareInternational to meet Pam face-to-face. They spent the weekend together. Oneyear later, to the day, they married.

Chris and Pam were a media sensation when they married in 1983. Theirwedding consisted of Pam, Chris, 3 friends and 5 TV cameras. The coupleappeared on Good Morning America, 20/20 and the Phil Donahue Show. The ChicagoTribune even ran a story on them with the headline "Cupid and ComputersConquer All."

Back in the early 80s people thought they were very strange, as computers andchatting virtually were an alien concept. Pam said her parents couldn’t reallyrelate and that others thought it a “very suspicious concept to even becommunicating like that”. Chris’ father didn’t think ithe marriage would last. They certainly showed him.

Pam says the secret to their marriage is they adore eachother. She said she wasn’t looking to fall in love online, it’s something that just happened."I met Chris and we clicked so profoundly that I really wanted to be withhim."

Literally clicked that is.