Apocalypse Alert: Virgin America to Play Chris Cornell on All Flights

August 27, 2009

Richard Branson’s airline, Virgin America, will apparently be filling all of their flights with music and videos from Chris Cornell’s Timbaland-produced trainwreck of an LP Scream.

In an official press release, Virgin America went way over the top stating that they “are thrilled to partner with a music legend like Chris Cornell.” The stupidity did not end there:

Starting in October and running through the holidays, the entire Virgin America fleet will feature Chris Cornell music on all flights. His latest LP, Scream, has been added to the airline’s music library and select songs will be a part of a collection of music that plays as passengers are boarding. Beginning in November, passengers will also have the opportunity to experience various Chris Cornell music videos and albums throughout their flight.

If Virgin would have decided to play Soundgarden on all of their flights I would have been kinda excited, but this s*** is just plain ridiculous. If anybody out there has the balls to defend this album just watch this video and reevaluate:


Source: Mark Venem/Getty Images