Clowns and Jokers: New Dark Knight Footage

June 6, 2008


Comcast has some special features-style clips from The Dark Knight that’re a bittersweet turn from the ominous trailers and leaks most of us have seen so far.  This is more “making of,” and even though it’s interesting, it takes away from the dark ambiguity I haven’t been able to look away from so far.

There’re two new clips that you can watch by clicking on the images below. The first is a featurette focusing exclusively on the making of the masks of the Joker’s henchmen which are nightmarish.  Eff clowns. 


The second is easier on the eyes.  It focuses on particular parts of the film being shot using IMAX technology.  The way they talk about it, it doesn’t seem like it’s shot exclusively for the big, big screen.  Rather, they just want a ultra-high quality image for the normal, big screen.  I’ll take what I can get. Kind of like the Joker, I guess.

Bonus:  a few new clips of the actual film scattered throughout the second clip including the Joker guffawing maniacally at Batman in an interrogation room and Bruce with some nasty injuries.  And, of course, some new, rad car chasey explosions.