Kanye West Loses it at Benefit

September 30, 2009

Apparently Kanye West showed up to Common's benefit show at the Hollywood Palladium over the weekend and lost his collective s*** once again while backstage.

Mr. West was allegedly pissed off over not being offered food while in his dressing room before the benefit. It’s being reported that Ye saw a random guy eating chicken and got extremely jealous. West stated: "Why wasn't I offered chicken? You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating... why am I not eating?" His stupidity did not stop there:

When a waitress explained that he never asked for food, 'Ye yelled, "Well, I'm asking now!" After receiving chicken, he allegedly proceeded to take a bite and then throw the rest in the trash. Meanwhile, the rapper's beau Amber Rose, stood silent, while other celebrities backstage watched in awe.

Kanye West is like a little child who just cries out any time he doesn’t get what he wants. Somebody needs to give him a serious man-spanking. That means a firm sock to the jaw if anyone was wondering.

Source: Jeffrey Maye/Getty Images