Samurai vs Persian Immortal

October 3, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Japan's armored slayers that killed with style comes to a battle with the Persian bosses that would stop at nothing. Behold, the Samurai and the Immortal.


Short Range: Katana Sword.

Medium Range: Naginata.

Long Range: Yumi Bow & Arrow.

Special: Kanabo Club.

Persian Immortal:

Short Range: Sagaris Axe.

Medium Range: Persian Spear.

Long Range: Persian Bow & Arrow

Special: Chariot Scythe.


Katana vs Sagaris. Edge = Katana.

The Katana wins hands down to greater slashing power and is much more deadlier. I think it will eventually get past the scale armor of the Immortal, but I don't believe that a Sagaris can get past the steel and leather of the Samurai.

Naginata vs Spear. Edge = Spear.

This was very close, considering a Naginata can't slash it's way through bronze, and a Spear can't penetrate the steel, but the Spear can be flipped around, and used as a clubbing weapon.

Yumi Bow & Arrow vs Persian Bow & Arrow. Edge = Yumi Bow & Arrow.

I give the edge to the Samurai's Yumi due to being the most accurate bow I've seen. The Persian's okay, but in accuracy, just isn't as great.

Kanabo vs Scythe. Edge = Kanabo.

This is kind of a redo for Burda vs Scythe, but anything that clubs like the Kanabo will win due to being larger, and able to move easier. If anything wrong happens to your chariot, one of your weapons are now useless.


A Persian Immortal is seen on his chariot, steering the horses throughout a small village. He continues on, and after a while he sees an armored opponet, a Samurai. The Immortal pulls up his bow, and shoots an arrow. The Samurai sidestepped out of the way, and pulled up his own bow, a yumi. He shoots his arrow, and it hits the Persian's arm. He screams and pulls out the arrow. He starts his chariot again, getting to the side so he would have a Samurai-kebab on his chariot's scythe. The Samurai sees the scythe, but handles it by sticking his naginata in the wheel of the chariot. The spokes broke apart, the scythe fell off, and the Immortal went flying.

The Immortal fell down really hard, noticing that he probably broke a rib or two. He gets up, feeling very weak, but manages to run back to his chariot and retrieve his sagaris. He raises it up, and battles the Samurai and his naginata. The weapons started locking together, and when the Samurai dropped the weapons, the naginata slashed the scales of the Immortal, only taking a few off. The Sagaris on the other hand, stabbed into the Samurai's shoulder. The Samurai trudges away and sees that the Immortal ran to get his spear and a wicker shield. The Samurai sees his chance and pulls out his kanabo.

The Samurai ran up with his kanabo, ready to attack, and slammed it on the wicker shield. It was no match. The wicker shield immediately fell apart. The Persian Immortal was amazed by how many parts of his shield flew apart. To make up for the loss of his shield, he thrusts the spear into the chest of the Samurai. Not knowing it at the time, the spear deflected off, bending the tip. Both were confused for a second and the Samurai looks down to see why he's not dead. He grabs the spear, and they use the weapon like they're trying to push the sides of it back and forth. Eventually, the Samurai grabs his katana and slashes at the scale armor.

Nothing happened except for a few more dropped scales. The Persian stepped back, but he did still few the pain of his broken ribs. He takes another hit from the katana and just barely broke through, bleeding from a small gash. The Persian turns his spear around, to knock down the Samurai. As he falls on his back, his enemy turns the spear around, but before he can jab into the neck of the Samurai, he shoots up his katana and pierces the unprotected heart of the Immortal. The Samurai got up and slowly walked away from the dead Persian.

Samurai: 563.

Katana: 184.

Naginata: 146.

Yumi: 129.

Kanabo: 104.

Persian Immortal: 437.

Sagaris: 120.

Spear: 113.

Persian Bow: 106.

Chariot Scythe: 98.

Ending Assessment: The Samurai's swiftness and speed paired with his Katana won him the victory.

Best Weapon: The Katana slashed its way into victory with a stunning 184 kills.

Least Weapon: Even though it was the only weapon that didn't get in triple digits, the Chariot Scythe was still pretty good with 98 kills.