Knight vs Mongol

October 19, 2010

Beginning Assessment: French armored god lovers that would stop anyone "evil." Ghengis Kahn's unstoppable army that fought off Chinese Dynasties. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Long Range: Crossbow.

Medium Range: Halberd.

Short Range: Broadsword.

Special: Morning Star.

Armor: Steel Plates.


Long Range: Bow & Arrow.

Medium Range: Glaive.

Short Range: Ild Sword.

Special: Flanged Mace.

Armor: Leather Lamellar.

Both warriors used horses in battle.


Crossbow vs Bow & Arrow. Edge = Bow & Arrow.

The Bow has much longer range and is faster at shooting than the Crossbow.

Halberd vs Glaive. Edge = Halberd.

The Glaive might have a longer tip, but the Halberd can hook you from off your horse, and then a discision is made between being chopped by an axe or stabbed by a spear.

Broadsword vs Ild Sword. Edge = Broadsword.

The Broadsword has greater slashing power, and as I see it, the Ild would probably bounce off the plates. It is also longer, and you can use the hilt to crush your skull.

Star vs Mace. Edge = Even.

Both these weapons will just demolish your head into pieces, even though each might have extra features: Knight = spiked. Mongol = longer.

Steel vs Leather. Edge = Steel.

I bet all the Mongol's weapons, except maybe the glaive and mace, will not puncture the Knight or his armor, however, I can see all the weapons of the Knight kill the Mongol.


Mist blanketed the mountainside. The Knight was just able to see, slowly riding his horse. He stops when he hears a whistling noise, looks up, and sees an object breaking apart the mist. In a second, an arrow planted right in the chest of the Knight.

It didn't kill. After denting the armored plate, the arrow dropped to the ground, failing to penetrate. The Knight looked back up, and the mist started to lighten up. He then saw a man on another horse, holding up a bow. He was a Mongol. The Knight pulled the reigns on his horse, and a second arrow narrowly missed the neck of the Knight.

As the Knight rode the horse up the mountainside, he started swinging his morning star. The star just barely gashed the Mongol's arm, as he pulled away. Even though it's not made for horses, he pulled out his glaive and tried to stab the Mongol. It missed.

The Knight turned around, and swapped his star with his halberd. He swiped the glaive. The hook ended up throwing the glaive away, and came on the shoulder of the Mongol. It pulled him down, and fell hard on the ground.

Before the spear part of the halberd could come down, the Mongol rolled away, and grabbed the glaive again. He stabbed the blade into the under belly of the Knight's horse. The Knight dropped his halberd and was able to grab the broadsword.

The glaive stabbed into the shoulder of the Knight, breaking through his armor, and took his broadsword on it, and was able to saw it in half. He slashed it again at the Mongol, which broke through his armor surrounding his stomach, but it only gashed it.

The Mongol brought out his ild and slashed at the nsck of the Knight but that also glanced off. The Knight tried to run for it, his enemy in hot pursuit wielding a giant mace. He kept running, but was able to grab something from his fallen horse. It was a crossbow. Even though his armor slowed him down he was able to stay ahead. When he was a little farther away, he pulled the crossnow to his stomach, and shot it. The bolt went right into the heart of the Mongol.

Knight: 658.

Crossbow: 38.

Halberd: 236.

Broadsword: 241.

Morning Star: 143.

Mongol: 342.

Bow & Arrow: 51.

Glaive: 93.

Ild: 125.

Flanged Mace: 77.

Ending Assessment: The Knight's better weaponry and better armor made him carry out on top the longest.

Best Weapon: The Knight's bone breaking, sword catching, meat slicing Broadsword made mince meat of the Mongol.

Worst Weapon: The Crossbow only was set up and shot killing bolts 38 deadly times.