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Barbecued Live Blog - The Main Event

by gdesanctis   April 01, 2009 at 4:37PM  |  Views: 150

Teenage Wasteland just started blaring over the PA here at the Sommet Center in Nashville, which means the main event at Fight Night 18 is officially underway, and Spike.com will bring you all the action via Live Blog. I've been warming up all night so get ready to be blown away by the greatest three hours of your life. Make sure to follow along with the broadcast on Spike TV and catch all my mistakes. Hit refresh every few minutes and hit me in the comments with all your feedback/love letters. Don't forget to stay tuned for the season premier of The Ultimate Fighter: US vs UK immediately following Fight Night.

Carlos Condit Vs. Martin Kampmann

It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime for the main event, and this promises to be a monster. Carlos Condit is one of the best fighters in the world right now and this is a serious test for Kampmann who has been rising in the ranks. Condit raises the roof on his Octagon entrance and the crowd loves it. This guy is a star in the making. 

I think something interesting just happened at the glove touch, but I missed it becasue I was staring at Arianny's hooters. They're nice.

Round 1:

Kampmann scores first with a takedown and goes to side control, then skins in a guillotine from the top. He flips to his back but it doesn't look very tight. Condit breaks out. Kampmann is still over him. Kampmann sinks in a heel hook but Condit fights is a reverses. Now on top, he's pounding on Kampmann. Kampmann starts to get up, but Condit's knee is waiting and he nails him, then follows with a right elbow. Kampmann is bleeding pretty bladly from below the left eye, and Condit is keeping the pressure on. With 10 seconds left, Kampmann pulls guard and sinks in a guillotine. This was a close round, but that last submission attempt might have been enough to seal the deal in Kampmann's favor.

Round 2:

Kampmann gets a takedown and Condit is staying active with his guard. He recovers, goes for a flying knee but misses. Kampmann lands a nice right. Condit get a takedown, Kampmann recovers quickly. Kampmann goes for a standing guillotine then takes it to the mat, and this one look tight. Condit s fighting it and eventually pops his head out into a reversal to take Kampmann's back. He sinks in a rear naked choke that looks like the end for Kampmann but somehow he breaks free. Another very close round, but I think it goes to Condit.

Round 3:

Kampmann gets a finger to the eye and takes a few minutes to get himself together. Kampmann get a takedown and goes to work, but the crowd seems to be getting antsy as they just started the slow clap. Kampmann lays down a big right hand from the top. They get back to their feet and Kampmann has rear bear hug. They fall back to the mat, Condit pulls guard. Condit is looking for a kimura but loses it it. Kampmann is not trying to get side control and Condit is looking for leg lock. Condit reverses at the close of the round. Very close fight.

Split decision goes to Martin Kampmann. Big win for "The Hit Man."

That's it, guys. Thanks for reading and enjoy the season premier of The Ultimate Fighter coming up now on Spike TV.


Ryan Bader Vs. Carmelo Marrero


It's Bader Time! I wonder if he'll walk out the The Imperial March again. My keyboard is so greasy from fried chicken. Rampge Jackson is making his rounds and taking a picture with some uber hottie. It's good to be the king. The Imperial March is back. Looks like this will be his thing at least for a little while. I could get used to it.

An unnamed UFC staffer is oogling my picture of Bader right now...

Did i just hear that right? I think I just heard Buffer call Bader the season 6 winner. That's almost right.

Round 1:

Bader gets the takedown and goes to work in Marrero's guard. This might be an ill-advised move against the American Top Team fighter but he's doing pretty well. In fact he almost locked up an armbar, but Marrero defended nicely. He almost takes Marrero's back, but he gets up and Bader tags him on the way up. Right away, he goes in for another takedown.Gets it.

Round 2:

Bader posted a dominant round, but he looks like he paid for it as he's still breathing pretty heavily going into this frame. Still, he gets a takedown and is working in the half guard. He's got Marrero's back, but Marrero is composed; he's been here before. Marrero gets back to guard. Bader gets to mount, briefly and it's back to guard.

Round 3:

Bader ducks a hook and easily scores a takedown. Bader is working in an arm triangle. Marrero is in trouble. He slips it, but Bader goes to mount. He can't do anything and Marrero gets guard, then recovers to his feet. They work some standup exchanges for a while and Bader goes in for another takedown. He has him pinned up against the fence for a while before he gets it, but eventuallyy he does, just before the bell.

Looks like a unanimous decision for Darth. And it is... 30-27 on all three cards.

A very impressive performance, but he tells Joe Rogan he's disappointed in himself. Apparently, he needs to work on his transition, jiu jitsu and stand up, so... everything. This guy is going to be a champion some day.


Tyson Griffin Vs. Rafael Dos Anjos


Round 1:

The striking starts early and goes both ways. Dos Anjos goes for the superman punch, but misses. Griffin is working the leg kicks nicely. Tyson scores with a nice right hook answer to a Dos Anjos combo. Tyson hurts him and sends him back into the fence. Dos Anjos is reaching for a leg lock and ends up taking the back of Griffin. He can't lock up the choke and it's back to the feet. Some sloppy but stiff exchanges close out the round.

Round 2:

A Griffin jab slips though, then a body kick. A Dos Anjos body kick is blocked and both men let their fist fly, but no big scores. A left hook to the body followed by a right to the face hurt Dos Anjos. Griffin is really letting his body combos go. A right sent Dos Ajnos stumbling a bit and his cut seems to opening up now but he's staying calm and locked up Tyson in the clinch.

As the ysquare up to get ready for another round, the crowd goes wild.

Round 3:

Dos Anjos tagged Griffin and he felt it, but he recovers and and lands one of Dos Anjos that hurt. Griffin drops his hands in front of his oppenent, asking for more then attacks with a combo. A right hook lands on Griffin's cheek. I can hear the leather smacking on their skin and a head Griffin lands a head kick. Now down on the mat, Dos ANjos is lookinf for a kimura. Griffim breaks free and nails his opponent with everything he has. Great way to end a fight. It's in the judges hands. I have Griffin by split, let's see what the official score comes back as.

Griffin gets it, via unanimous.


Junie Browning Vs. Cole Miller


"The Lunatic" is back in The Octagon and looks a little nervous. There are a lot of critical eyes on him right now. Cole comes over and bows in front of Browning. An interesting show of respect after an extended verbal war between the two.

Buffer announces Junie, practically in his backyard in Nashville, and he gets unanimously booed. He doesn't seem to mind.

Round 1:

Someone just yelled, "Let's go Cole Trickle." Junie gets a takedown and takes Cole's back, but he's too low. Miller gets back to his feet and starts tagging Junie with combos and knees. Junie gets a takedown but falls right into the guillotine. Cole is all over it, locks it up and Junie taps.

After the tapout, Miller barked something at Junie. In the Rogan interview we find out he said, "Who's overrated now?" He also dedicated his fight to the late "Mask."

We're watching a solemn tribute video now for Mask. It's all about living life and fighting for what you believe in. What Mask lived for. A lot of wet eyes around the arena right now. He was a true friend to many.


Gleison Tibau Vs. Jeremy Stephens


Oh, boy. Iron Man is cranking on the loudspeaker right now as Tibau walks out, and the crowd is on its feet. Great selection. 

Round 1:

I just heard someone yell, "Get the fat guy out of the way," referring to the camera man. That's a good way to start a round.Not much going on here, some weak jabs and legs kicks. Stephens goes in for a takedown but gets nothing and they clinch up on the fence. The crowd is starting to getting restless. Tibau gets a takedwon and is working in side control, then switches to full mount, but doesn't do much damage.

Round 2:

Stevens pumps his right hand and smiles, the crowd likes it, but now he's just standing there. Tags Tibau with a left. Tibau attacks and Lil Heathen is on the run. Tibau scores the takedown and lands in half guard. He works his way to side control and Stephens gives up his back, but almost immediately gets back to his feet. Tibau gets another takedown and works in the triangle arm choke, it looks tight but Stephens holds on until the bell.

Arianny just came over and sat on my lap. What, you think I'm lying? Prove it.

Round 3:

Clinched up against the fence again. Maybe they should replay Iron Man to get these guys moving. Tibau lands a huge right hook and charges in for the takedown, Stephens' knee greets him in the mouth but he get it anyway. The ground work continues for a while. It's back on the feet and getting scrappy as the round closes out. Some good back and forth exchanges, as each man tries to leave a good impression on the judges.

Tibau gets the unanimous decision.

Bruce Buffer just informed us that we are 10 mins away from the Live telecast on Spike TV. But, obviously, it sounded a lot cooler when Bruce said than when you just said it in your head. Try it again, but this time in the Buffer voice.


Ricardo Almeida Vs. Matt Horwich


We're going to get some awesome, weirdjiu jitsu with this fight. This might be the undercard fight I've been most looking forward to. I'm jiu jitsu and Almeida is a Gracie Black Belt and Horwich is mastering the style popularizes by Eddie Bravo. Besides that, Horwich is easily the most interesting and quirky dudes on the planet. Talking to him ramble about training, physics and God all in the same breath will blow your mind.

Word on the street is that we're going to have a guest blogger come by for a bit. My PR buddy just went to find Jorge Rivera and bring him to chat. Let's see if he comes through.

Round 1:

Horwich is all over him in the opening seconds, chasing him down... Not generally a good idea. Almeida gets a takedown, but Horwich recovers right away. There's a lot of clinch work going on now. Horwich has been working on the Matt Lindland dirty boxing, but Almeida gets a takedown and sinks in a guillotine, he defends and finds Almeida's leg for a lock lock. It's tight but the 10 second warning sounds and Almeida is holding on. He breaks free with seconds left and jumps in Matt's guard.

*Doesn't look like Rivera is coming by to help with the live blog. Damn PR people.

Round 2:

Almeida gets a takedown, and starts working in Horwich's guard. He's almost in side control and both men are busy but they're both so good no one can make anything work. If you follow jiu jitsu, you're loving this. They're back to the feet and Almeida scores with a solid combo then another takedown. Horwich is working in the rubber guard but Almeida gets out and jumps back to his feet. Good round, I think it goes to Almeida.

Round 3:

It's Almeida again with the takedown and more work in the guard. Horwich gets up and gets taken down. This happens a few more time. They've been on the feet for a little while now and Almeida is winning the exchanges, but they get clinched up and Dan Miragliotta breaks it up. Just before the close of the round, Almeida scores another monster takedown and Horwich goes to work in the rubber guard but doesn't have enough time to do anything.

Almeida gets the unanimous decision. No surprise. He talks to Joe Rogan about how this fight was won with takedowns, boxing and conditioning. All true and all amazing. Horwich is one of the best conditioned athletes in sports and Almeida was able to push the pace all the way through the the third round. Very impressive win.