Must Have Apps For Comic-Con 2012

July 9, 2012

Heading to Comic-Con? Not feeling fully prepared? Well, at least allow me to help on the app front. Here are a few must haves that should be in your arsenal. (And PS, if you're not going to Comic-Con, these apps are good for everyday use, too!)


Strip Designer, $2.99

Create your own comic strips with your own photos. Over 100 layouts to choose from and fun adds like balloons and stickers.

Halftone, $0.99

Another favorite comic creation app (and nerds rejoice with full retina support with your new iPad!) Add stamps, change paper, and even send images as a real postcard.

Socialcam, Free

If I hear one more person call this "The Instagram of Video", I might lose it. However, it is a cool option for taking and sharing video socially, and if you're on-site, everyone will want to see what you see. Create video of any length and share on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and email.

Snapchat, Free

Want to send a cosplay photo? Snapchat lets you send a picture and set a timer for how long the pic can be viewed (up to ten second) and will alert you if a screenshot is attempted. Over 110 million images have been sent through Snapchat – surely all were innocent.

AirBnB, Free

Godspeed on finding a hotel room. AirBnB boasts over 150,000 listings, you'll have a little luck if there are any left in San Diego. (In a recent search, there were still quite a few places available!)

Hotel Tonight, Free

In case you're the idiot rolling up without a hotel room, the only shot you will likely have if not sleeping in your car, is to attempt finding a room using Hotel Tonight. An app made for booking same day only, prides itself on getting you up to 70% off. We'll give you a high-five if you just get anything.

Sidecar, Free

This app gives you more options than just a phone call. Sidecar allows you to "see what I see", share pictures when you are on the phone, text the person while you are on the call, share locations and a map as well as contacts all while talking.

ComiXology, Free

We end with the obvious must in the arsenal. Comixology has over 20,000 comics from DC to Marvel to Image to creator-owned titles.

And don't forget to tune in to Spike's All Access Live from Comic-Con Friday 1pmPT / 4pmET!

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