Roger Clemens' Erectile Dysfunction Didn't Bother His Teenage Mistress

March 30, 2010

For any Cy Young winners out there forced to take medication for penile-related problems, rest easy. There’s a good chance the teenage country singer you’re cheating on your wife with won’t mind too much. (Just ask Roger Clemens.)

The baseball legend and current social outcast apparently had “a lot of problems” with erectile dysfunction, according to longtime “ass on the side” Mindy McCready.

McCready, who is releasing a porno loosely based on her exploits with Clemens, claimed that her elderly lover was “good in bed,” despite having occasional issues with his equipment.

She then added that even though her ex-fiancée (Dean Cain) had a larger bat to work with, sex with Clemens was still enjoyable.

It just goes to show you that even though football is a game of inches, baseball is the sport where size doesn’t matter. Chicks dig the long ball, but are willing to settle for a good slider.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images