Love Gov: The Movie

April 25, 2008


Normally stories ripped from the headlines end up on Law and Order or assome cheesy made-for-television movie. Hustler magazine has beaten both topunch by turning the Governor Eliot Spitzer call girl scandal into a spoof porno. It’s titled Gov Lov: The Eliot Splitz-HerStory, which is very much in keeping with the grand tradition of cornyporn titles. According to Hustler’s press release the story unfolds as follows:

Mike Horner, who bears a striking resemblance to the formergovernor, eagerly places his order with the Pimperor's Club. As "Client69," he agrees to fork over thousands for an all-expense-paid trip so thathis mistress, Kristen, can meet him in Washington,D.C. Kristen, played by CassandraCruz, arrives at the governor's hotel to find him eagerly awaiting her arrival.Watch as the governor reveals his overzealous sex drive and gets sucked andfucked by his sexy mistress. "Client 69" is under the impression thathe is going to get away with his sexcapade, but little does he know there areFBI agents on a stakeout in the next room. The agents, played by Van Damage andVeronica Jett, are so incredibly turned on by what they are overhearing in thegovernor's room that they decide to have some fun of their own.

There apparently is some art to the movie with Huslter publisher Larry Flynt stating"This movie parody is an example of one of the reasons I went to theSupreme Court in 1988 — to make parody protected speech".  The other reason was to make a ton of cash.

Gov Lov: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story is cumming soon to a house of illrepute near you. In the meantime, check out this safe-for-workposter and thesafe-for-work trailer of the movie - which is actually very funny.