Deadliest Warrior: Redemption

December 2, 2010

Hey there every peoples!

Today I’d like to talk about an idea I got at the end of Season 2. By the end of Season 2, we saw a lot of people pissed off because their guy lost. Whether they lost by an inch or by a mile, many losers found loads of people saying they should have been the victor.  And no doubt that many of us were thinking “It’s done, you lost, get over it!” But perhaps it’s not the end.

At the end of season 2 I got an idea (which I tried to repeat in the comments as much as I could) that might be able to shut up all the naysayers. It’s called Deadliest Warrior: Redemption. The idea is to take all the losers and pit them against each other for a spot in the winner’s circle for when they do Back for Blood. It could either be a bracket style tournament or one big free-for-all. The important thing is that those who lost could have a second chance. Now arguably all warriors deserve a second chance but I’m here to discuss who I think should be allowed to try again.

Knight- At first I wasn’t sure who would win this one, but at the end it was made clear why the knight was rendered obsolete on the battle field: gunpowder. The knight basically had to repeat history which is simply bullshit for the premise of this program. We want to see warriors fight against weapons they have never encountered before (for better or for worse). Plus loads of us want to see the knight battle the samurai since they are always being compared to each other.

Maori- I feel the Maori really got the short end of the stick. He had to fight one of the best trained fighters the world has ever known? Come on! We all knew who was going to win before the episode even aired. The commercial claimed that the Shaolin monk was the most anticipated warrior of the season. I wonder if they finished establishing the line up and found out that there was no one for the monk so they just found some random warrior for him to go against. Seriously, this was, in my most humble opinion, the worst match up of the entire season. I want the Maori to come back for much more even match up.

Shaka Zulu- In my opinion the second worst match up of the season. A light infantryman had to fight a knight? (Wallace was in fact a knight, not the kilt wearing fighter portrayed on the show). Pretty much the same as with the Maori, Shaka needs a much more even match. I think a better match would have been Shaka vs. Sun Tzu and Wallace vs. Vlad the Impaler. At least then the tech gaps wouldn’t have been so glaringly imbalanced.

Aztec jaguar- He got majorly gimped by having a sacrificial dagger as a close range weapon. The fight was one of the closet non-gun matches of the season, but how about bringing him back with either a tepoztopilli (wooden spear with obsidian inlay used for both thrusting and hacking) or a Quauhololli (wooden club similar to a mace).

Celt- Simply because I want him to fight the Azande (yes, it’s Azande, not “Zande”). Two iron age tribesmen duking it out. Who doesn’t want to see that?

Mongol- everyone was expecting a landslide with this match. I knew the Comanche would win, but the fight was close enough that the Mongol should be allowed to have a second go.

These are the warrior’s I’d liked to see return for another shot at the winner’s circle. Who do you think should return and why?

Till next time!