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Get A Woman's Attention the BroBlog Way

by Robbie E   February 29, 2012 at 4:00AM  |  Views: 11,601

Opinions expressed here are those of Robbie E, and do not necessarily reflect those of Spike, IMPACT WRESTLING, its respective parent companies or the Internet Hamster Association of North America, which, believe it or not, is a real thing.

What's up, my dudes? I'm back with the third edition of Blowouts, Blings and Other Things. This week I am returning with THE LIST due to popular demand. I was flooded with tweets asking me for so many of my different lists to be revealed, but the one I am going to share with you guys is the 5 things that can get you any woman. Clearly, you know I am Robbie E and women flock to me so everything I say will def work for you also.

1. BLING - Chicks head for the rhinestones and diamonds, bro. If you're shiny from afar it will make you look like a star. So get some bling added to your wardrobe ASAP. Bling up your shirts, bracelets, earrings, shoes... even underwear, my dude…

2. TAN - There is something about tan guys that women just love. They ask me all the time if I just got home from vacation or where I'm from that I'm so tan. Little do they know the tanning salon is my home away from home and that secures me with a dope darkness to ensure silky smooth skin.

3. HAIR - The hair has to be fresh. No matter what hairstyle you choose it has to be tight and shaped up regularly. Wearing a hat just makes you seem like you're childish or hiding something... your face is what women want to see so show it, bro.

4. CAR – There is no way you can pick a girl up in a broke down car or your mom's van. Whether you gotta borrow or steal one… make it happen that you are riding in style. Get the car washed and clean the inside... also, have music playing low to set the mood, dude…

5. MUSCLES - The thing a girl loves most on a dude are muscles for sure. They love being in the arms of a jacked gorilla, the bigger the better, which is why Big Robbie T attracts so many women. So if you're a pipsqueak hamster you better get a gym membership soon and make something happen.

Until next time... Stay FTD (FRESH TO DEATH) and spread the word about Blowouts, Blings and Other Things. Don't forget to tweet questions to me at my twitter @RobbieEiMPACT using the hashtag #BroBlog

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