Disney Dream House Fun for All Ages

June 18, 2008


Disney’s Innoventions is a facet of Tomorrowland that focuses on what the future of technology and innovation is going to be.  Insert flying car joke.  The newest attraction is the Innovention Dream House which takes a lot of the touchscreen and wireless networking technology that we’ve had for years and frames it totally magically.  “High-tech and high-touch,” they say.  It doesn’t come off as hokey, and this totally liveable house can be viewed now at Disneyland in Anaheim. Features after the jump.

The Innoventions house is inhabited by the fictional Elias family.  You follow them on a tour of their home on the evening after their son scores the winning goal for his soccer team.  Pictures of the game and interactive discussions of the days events abount on colorful screens while the lighting, music, and even framed pictures cycle depending on which family members are present in a particular room.  Just hope my mom doesn't come in when my Elle Macpherson montage is cycling on the 100-inch monitor.


Some notable features for the tech-savvy: 

- Microsoft Surface technology

- HP TouchSmart technology

- RFID tags allowing the house to “recognize” inhabitants

- Voice-activated recipe-finding kitchen computer

- 3D printer for sending/receiving sculptures        

Some notable features for the magic-savvy

- Magic mirror in the girl’s room showing different outfits projected onto her person

- Magic bed cannon on pirate ship bed that can shoot holes through virtual, projected clouds on the ceiling  

- Home theater with 100-inch screen

- Interactive piano that gives you lessons