Luci Electronic Cigerette is Good for You

January 29, 2009

It’s a cigarette without all the icky stuff from Thank You for Smoking!  And, while it might not really be technically good for you, not inhaling all the ashen chemicals that you otherwise would is probably a step in the right direction. Also, "luci" means "lights" in Italian which is kind of pretty and appropriate. 

Here’s how it works: there’s a battery, a “flavor pack,” and an atomizer.  You suck on the flavored, liquid nicotine and it gets rendered into a gas, then you inhale it.  You can also get it without nicotine so that you just get, basically, candy smoke.


We covered an electronic cigarette at CES this year, and while somewhat cool, it isn’t quite as chic-looking as this gold and black version.  Gotta keep it classy, kids. 

Image Source: Luci