Heidi Montag is "Really Sick"

August 16, 2010

Model and actress Molly Sims knows beauty. The 37-year-old is on the cover of the latest issue of Health magazine and puts the smackdown on Heidi Montag.

Molly Sims is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, television actress, and all-round beauty. She looks amazing for her age and is definitely not a fan of reality television star Heidi Montag. While Sims is not anti-cosmetic surgery (she says she had braces at a young age and it changed her life), she does think Heidi Montag went too far. She tells the magazine, “I think Heidi Montag is a really sick girl, something is off. You don't get F-size boobs. And I'm not judging her. I feel sorry for her.”  Sims definitely has a point.

To make matters worse, and to really rub salt into Heidi’s plastic surgery wounds, Sims raves about Britney Spears. On Britney she says, "I mean, that girl is so cute…I would take away the boots, the tank tops. She’s so pretty — she just needs help with dressing. She gets too many trends going at once.” Britney "cute"? Now that's got to hurt Ms. Montag!

What do you think? Did Molly Sims go too far?

Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images