Tiger Woods May Be Coming to a Sexual Addiction Rehab Clinic Near You

December 18, 2009

Just before he gets ready to give a hot Swedish woman half of his lifelong earnings in a divorce case that should make the O.J. Simpson trial look like a traffic ticket hearing, golf superstar and sexual “predator” Tiger Woods will be making a quick pit stop.

The British media is reporting that Woods is reportedly going to begin the long and difficult task of curing his habit of nailing cocktail waitresses at a “Sexual Compulsion” rehabilitation center in Arizona. (Yes sports fans, the very same one that David Duchovny spent a few weeks in back in 2008.)

This comes on the heels of the rumors that Woods had an affair with Jessica Simpson (a.k.a. Tony Romo’s leftovers) and that he bribed the National Enquirer to squash a story about his infidelity in 2007.

Whoever said golf is a gentleman’s game sure knew what they were talking about.

(On a side note, how great is Phil Mickelson feeling right now?)

Source: Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images