Late Night Strip Saturday Hangover

June 13, 2008

Ok, probably not the best time to say this but does anyone else think that Ed McMahon should’ve kept one of those over sized Publisher’s Clearinghouse checks he used to give away for himself? Poor guy may not have his home for very much longer but at least he’s got the results of this week’s Late Night Strip Poll to cheer him up.


What better way to perk up the spirits of an old timer like Ed, than with some cleavage, right? (Viva Viagra!) And we’re not talkin’ a little parking spot peaking out of a tube top, we’re talkin’ I-95, right down the middle! That’s right, we matched Marissa Miller’s eye-popping path up against Sofia Vergara’s gorgeous gorge el grande to see which bountiful beauty has the more insane cleavage. When the polls closed 68% of you dirty old men busted out your votes (and probably something else) for Senorita Vergara. Now, Miller’s mile may’ve only have net her 32% of your votes but by no means is she a loser ‘cause honestly, with a question like this, everyone’s a winner!


Unfortunately though, that isn’t always the case. Take the MTV Movie Awards for instance, sure there were a ton of winners this year but the big losers of the evening, Superbad and Knocked Up were the real story of the evening. Eight nominations between both movies and no popcorn! Not one damn kernel! So we asked you which flick got more jipped at the Movie awards and 60% of you showed some McLovin’ for Superbad! Seriously people, both movies produced more LOL’s than a 15 year-old girl’s bedazzled cell phone! And Johnny Depp for Best Comedic performance over Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill? Are you kidding? Depp’s a hell of an actor, and pretty damn swash buckling but have you heard him speak? He’s to funny what his old Jump Street pal Richard Greico is to acting! You know what, we take back our statement above, you’re both winners in our book!


Elsewhere on the poll, 69% of Spike guys think Robert Downey Jr.’s having a more successful summer than Shia Labeouf, 77% of you big swingers think Ken Griffey Jr.’s 600th dinger is a bigger milestone than Manny’s 500th, and 75% of you party animals said clogging the toilet is a worse party foul than spilling a drink. We agree. That’s never a fun conversation, “hey, great party, by the way do you have a plunger and about 20 towels?”

Everybody’s a winner on the Late Night Strip Poll with a new poll every week. Just head on over to vote now and tune into Spike this Friday starting at midnight to see results of this week’s poll.