Canadians do the Darndest Things

November 30, 2009

For those of you in the U.S. of A who don’t receive the CBC as part of your “alternative international programming package,” you probably missed the Canadian Football League championship and the single worst coaching lapse in the history of football last night.

In a surprisingly entertaining game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders (whose fan base rivals any American college football team) and the Montreal Alouettes (whose fan base rivals any American high school glee club) battled for 60 straight minutes in a game that came down to a final field goal. Which, as all CFL enthusiasts know, is kicked on third down once the offensive team crosses the 55-yard-line.

The Alouettes trailed the Roughriders 27-25 with one second remaining on the clock, as they lined up to kick a 41-meter field goal as time expired. Montreal snapped the ball, attempted the kick and then watched it sail 15 yards wide of the upright. Every bar in Regina was going wild. The thousands of Roughrider fans that made the trip to Calgary were ecstatic…for a few seconds.

Apparently the Roughriders didn’t get the memo that only 12 men were allowed on the field in the CFL. The unlucky 13th player who lined up for the Roughriders drew a penalty flag that allowed the Alouttes a second shot at the field goal. And you can probably guess what happened next:


On a completely unrelated note, my grandfather lives in Saskatoon and has not been heard from since the game. If anyone sees an elderly man with a green Roughriders jersey that says “Breitman” on the back, please let me know. My family back in Calgary is growing concerned.

Source: CBC/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images