If You're Looking to Buy Your Own Batmobile, Now's the Time to Snag One on eBay

August 30, 2011

Every young boy who grew up in the modern age wants, craves, and needs their own Batmobile. Some settle for a plastic hunk of crap in miniature form. A small few build their own. If you haven't been able to fit into either of those categories, now you can buy a real one for your inner child.

Auto racer and builder Casey Putsch is putting up his beloved turbine-powered Batmobile up for sale, a faithful model based on the hero's signature ride from the early Tim Burton films starring Michael Keaton as the man in black spandex.

Putsch's model uses turbines to power the mighty vehicle, instead of the fiery jet engine that the films imply. The vehicle has 7,000 RPMs that shift on an automatic four speed sequential gearbox (sorry stick-lovers). All of this is encased in a faithful scale model of the original vehicle from the film made from fiberglass and aluminum and only weighs 2,800 pounds, so even though flames aren't shooting out of it, it might feel as though it is while you're driving it.

Those of you who can afford to throw around $620,000 and not miss your rent can put a down payment on the vehicle through Putsch's website or they can post a bid for it on his eBay page.

Photo: eBay