Virtual Reality Will Annihilate Unhappiness

May 23, 2008


There are a lot of unhappy people out there. I'm not pointing fingers, but you know who you are. A recent medical journal noted that nine out of ten people who are sad suffer from unhappiness. People have been suffering from this malady since the mid 1300's, when it became clear the bubonic plague just wasn't going to go away.

Technology has cured a lot of ailments. The printing press cured boredom while taking a dump. The cotton gin cured cotton. Roller blades cured heterosexuality. And now frog Design has released a concept face mask that allows you to interface with a virtual reality -- which, if ever developed, should pretty much cure unhappiness.

For those of you not interested in donning a freaky mask that makes you look like you put Predator's panties on your face, interfacing with a virtual reality can still be accomplished with the purchase of an X-Box, Playstation, Nintendo, or simply turning on your television.


Thank golly for technology.