Kelly's Zombie Apocalypse

February 13, 2011

First Name: Tim.

Age: 13.

Height: 5'

Weight: 120 lbs.

Medium Sized Town.

Beginning Of Virus.

Repairing: 5.

Melee: 2.

Guns: 5.

Athletics: Boxing/Wrestling = 5/4.

Driving: 5.

Speaking: I kinda know French...

Spotting: 1.

Inconventional: 1.


Living in the Southeast of Lower Peninsula Michigan, Tim, on any normal weekend, is playing with his three friends, Josh, Jake, and Russel, on Tim's Xbox 360. Russel was actually older, as he was the son of Tim's dad's girlfriend.

Tim leaves for a minute to grab more drinks and snacks. While doing so, he walks pass the other TV, where a show is being interuppted by a Breaking News Report. The Newscastor is saying that a new disease, H13N1, nicknamed "Bloods Disease". Apparently, it is turning humans into 'zombie'-like creatures. Tim tells everyone, where Josh says his motto during playing games. "Sh*t is going to hit the fan."

Tim runs up to his bedroom and grabs his Katana. Everyone knows that they are going to need more weapons, so Jake runs next door to his house, where he steals his dad's shotgun, 10 more pairs of bullets, and his tomahawk (yes, he has a tomahawk!!!) and hauls ass back to Tim's house, where he sees a zombie already entering the neighborhood. He shoots its head clean off. Jake runs into the house, where they layed the katana, tomahawk, and shotgun.

Russel says they are going to need a car, but can't use his own, due to the fact his is to small to run down any zombies. They are able to jack Tim's dad's Explorer (SUV) and load supplies like food, weapons, extra clothes, etc. They drive to the mall, which is closed. They drive through the door, leaving it for a barracade. They grab their stuff, and head to the food court, where they lay their backpacks of supplies on a table.

Thankfully, a gunstore is nearby the foodcourt, which has gates blocking it. Russel takes the shotgun and blows the lock off, allowing them access inside. He returns a minute later with an AK-47, BAR, Galil, and H&K G11, all with scopes and silencers. He finds Tim, Josh, and Jake back at the food court, fighting zombies squeezing past their SUV. Russel shoots his Galil, taking out another five zombies. He throws the other guns at Tim, Josh, and Jake. Tim grabbed the AK-47, Josh the G11, and Jake grabbing the Browning.

Another wave of zombies were ensuing them. "Sh*t, where's Dr. Richtofen when you need him?!?!" "Or how about Bill the war veteran!" (Characters from Call of Duty Zombies and Left 4 Dead video games). They ran back a little, Russel grabbing the bags, to reload and clear some space. Jake tripped into a hardware store, where a window outside was being broken into. "Oh no, you don't!" he yelled as he bashed a zombies brain with a hammer. He grabbed planks of wood, and hammered nails in them to keep zombies out. He was able to keep it boarded up pretty well, as another zombie couldn't take any of the boards away. He turned around to Tim, Josh, and Russel shooting at thirty zombies. They kept dropping like ragdolls, but more kept coming. With the last one still alive, he saw the rest reloading, also yelling, "Where the hell is Jake?!" when they turned to see Jake tackle the zombie, and hammer its head off.

After reuniting, Jake reloaded his BAR, only to see a zombie behind Josh. "Josh, behind you!!" Josh turned to the zombie, who was an inch from clawing off his head. He stuck the G11 into his stomach, shooting. The zombie fell down, his body in half. However, without warning, Jake started to be attacked. He was still on the ground, severely injurned, dying. "Dirty mother%#(&@*!!!" yelled Tim as he and the rest shot the zombie down. Russel grabbed a first-aid kit a few yards away, and aided Jake, who was bleeding massively out his back. He also had a messed up leg, so Russel bandaged it, and put a leg brace on it.

Now with one of the four injured, the team had to be very careful. They were all starting to be hungry, as just four hours ago they were eating chips and soda. They went back to the food court, where they settled down their food bag, and they started eating: leftover KFC, a few sandwiches, three sodas, and Russel drinking a beer. They still had enough food for a week, so they might have to steal from houses or make their own food at the mall later on...

After awhile, the four man team came up with a plan on killing zombies. Josh and Jake, who would be soldiers, who would control any zombies getting on the second floor. Tim and Russel, however, would be foot soldiers below on the main floor. With all the stores and shops inside the mall, they would have to be alternating many times. If they ever had to risk it, they still had the SUV.

Nightime had fallen. Everyone knew that they had to sleep at one point. They decided two people would stay up for three hours, the other two the other three hours. Each would only get three hours of sleep, but Russel found a working coffee machine, so they were going to stay up easier (hopefully). Russel and Jake were the first to stay up. Jake wasn't fully healed, but the blood stopped rushing, and he still looked beat up, but the color was returning to his face. Russel still wanted to be sure of Jake, so he kept a close eye on him. If he saw too many zombies, Jake would run and yell for Russel.

So far, Russel hadn't seen anymore zombies. However, he suddenly heard a weird mumbling/screaming behind him. He ran to Jake's direction, and by the time he was there, there were no zombies. Jake was facing the other way, his clothes in tethers, and his bandages ripped off. "Jake...?" said Russel, but when Jake turned, his face was pale, had bloodshot eyes, and looked like he was ready to murder Russel. "Sh*t, you're one of them!!!" he said as he shot Jake, who was an inch from hitting him. Russel missed out of fear, and ran at top speed.

"Tim, Josh, wake up! Jake's a zombie!" Tim and Josh got up instantly, and they grabbed their guns. They saw Russel being chased by Zombie-Jake, and they shot in unison. Even though feeling guilty for killing a close friend, they had to do it. Russel left for a minute to grab Jake's fallen Browning. He came back alive, shooting the gun, however, getting a headshot on another zombie.