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The Top 10 Sexiest Commercials of 2009

by girls   December 26, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 6,684

There’s one rule in advertising -- sex sells. Even with a sour economy, high unemployment, and people buying less, advertisers still worked their sexy magic. It’s safe to say that as long as advertising exists, our world will be filled with racy, provocative, naughty, and attention-grabbing commercials. This year proved no exception.

Source: Calvin Klein Jeans


10. Audrina Patridge for Carl's Jr./Hardee's

The star of The Hills gets her burger on in this spot for Carl’s Jr./Hardee's. Audrina lies on a beach, wearing a tiny gold bikini, and showing off her ridiculously toned, bronzed bikini. She then digs into a delicious Teriyaki burger, complete with pineapple, which she calls her “bikini burger.” The burger is messy and Audrina’s voiceover is about as close as it comes to food porn. She says in a sultry manner, “To look this good in a bikini, I gotta give up like everything. But there's no way I'm giving up that Teriyaki burger. I'm totally obsessed. I have to be a little bad."

You’re so bad it hurts, Audrina.


9. Save the Boobs PSA

There’s no denying that a good set of breasts will grab pretty much any red-blooded man's attention. The makers of a Canadian breast cancer PSA caused controversy when it decided to show a woman with a great rack in a commercial (makes sense doesn't it?). Their spot, which promotes a local charity, features Canadian television host Aliya-Jasmin Sovani, who seductively walks around a swimming pool in a cleavage-enhancing white bikini. Her arrival is jaw-dropping as her breasts bounce and jiggle in slow motion. The commercial has the tagline, “You know you like them. Now it’s time to save the boobs.”

You know, I think they’re onto something.


8. Pamela Anderson for Crazy Domains

The folks at Crazy Domains, an Australian domain name registry service, have taken a page out of GoDaddy’ s book by creating a commercial that’s way more about hot girls than boring domain names. Pamela Anderson stars at the ultimate sexy boss, who talks numbers, makes deals, and gets results, all while wearing a push-up bra. She is helped by her equally sexy and boobilicious brunette assistant. When the assistant asks Pamela is she wants cream in her coffee, a sexy, cream-filled bikini fantasy sequence takes place.


7. Gekko G-Spot Location Service

She’s moaning, she's sighing, and her heart rate is pounding. She seductively licks her moist lips, brushing her tongue cheekily past her teeth. She’s excited. She’s close. She’s about to… arrive because she used her G-Spot. No, not that G-Spot, but rather the British social networking website that will match you with hotels and restaurants based on like minded people.

From this commercial it’s safe to assume these people are the type that will get you off.


6. PETA's Banned Super Bowl Commercial

Animal rights groups PETA knows sex sells. This year they created a spot titled Veggie Love, which featured a group of sexy models who are, well, horny for vegetables. The models suggestively lick, rub, and gyrate with a variety of different veggies. The spot was created to air during this year’s Super Bowl, but was reportedly banned by NBC, who said that the spot depicted "a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.

Though NBC requested a bunch of changes, PETA refused and the spot ended up with more publicity that money can buy.