Bono Drops the N-Bomb During Elvis Presley Tribute

May 13, 2009

This morning, Bono released his weird poetry skills to the world by unveiling a raw tribute to Elvis Presley on Radio 4.

Recorded two years ago, Bono delivered a fast-paced, 14-minute tribute to Mr. Presley. Written in 1994, the poem, entitled "American David," contains a wide range of odd and racy rhymes set to a musical backing track made up of Elvis numbers and other pop culture recordings from the last 50 years.

While Bono considers himself a huge fan of Elvis, he didn’t shy away from trying to tell it like it is. Bono stepped up an delivered a weird rhyme about The King’s constant weight battle: “Elvis the bumper stickers/ Elvis the white knickers/ Elvis the white ni**er ate at Burger King and just kept getting bigger.”

A warning about the poem’s language preceded the airing, as a series of offensive words including “ni**er” and “spastic” were employed.

Here’s a taste:

Warning: This Audio File Contains Explicit Language Not Suitable For People Under the Age of 18

That was pretty weak, but the Chuck D line kinda ruled.

Source: Junko Kimura/Getty Images