New Beer Helps Sexual Performance

July 28, 2010

Many men can attest that a big night on the booze sometimes ends with misery in the bedroom. Now the dreaded beer-wiener may be a thing of the past thanks to a new beer with a secret, but very common, ingredient.

That ingredient is cheese. An Austrian beer company has created a beer that’s laced with a special sexual cheese that purportedly improves sexual performance even after one too many rounds of brewskies.

According to a report in the UK’s Metro newspaper, the new beverage “promises a positive and healthy response” after a big night of drinking. The beer apparently provolones an erection,  makes sex brie-se after a hard drinking session and promises a gouda night of intense love-making. (As if this article couldn't get anymore cheesy.)

One drinker in Bregenz is already excited about the prospect of getting wasted at the local bar and then returning home to his wife. He told Metro, “My wife can’t have any objection to me spending the night down the pub now.” No sir, she cannot. The only thing he may need to worry about is cheese breath and a bad case of cheesy bottom burps.

Would you drink this new beer?

Photo: STOCK4B-RF/Getty Images