My WWE Hopes And Dreams

July 5, 2009

Can you do this for me,Add this to your page and repost this for me,As you all know my dream is to be a WWE Diva and hopefully to become the WWE Champion,It would mean the world to me to become the WWE Champion and to me and my family and friends,Everyone says you won't make it and you're not good enough,your to short and not built enough or I'm not pretty enough and I don't have the body,I will prove them wrong,I been working very hard and it makes me feel really bad when people say that to me but nobody will ever stop me from making my dream come true.I want this so bad and I will do anything to make this dream come true,I understand it takes a lot of work and a long time,I was told I'm to old which i don't think is true,Since when are you to old to make your goals and dreams come true? Dreams do come true,I'm trying so very hard and training hard,I know if i didn't make it i would be crushed,I will never stop trying or give up.I will show everyone i can do it,I WILL become WWE Champion when i make it to the WWE,I'll beat Randy Orton or who ever may have the belt at the time,I may even go for the heavy weight championship belt or possible the IC belt,Having the woman's or Diva belt would be awesome to,But i wanna do it BIG,I love wrestling so much and I want this more then anything else in this world,I just happen to feel sad wishing i could be apart of WWE making all my dreams come true and all the wonderful fans cheering me on,It would be the best ever.All i ever want is that and to have love and support and people who care and becoming the champion.its been my dream and i hope someday it will happen.I need all your help and love and support to help me get this to happen.Please this is all i ask,I love you all and hopefully to see you all soon in the WWE.I will NOT give up,I will give my all and not stop till my dreams come true,I won't let anyone or anything get in my way.I'm better then they say I'm and I'll show them all i can do it,I'm going to go out there and say i can do this and it cause I'm capable.I'm a huge believer,I mainly want to thank Jeff & Matt And Shannon Moore And Gregory Helms,they are my true hero's and role model and idol and inspiration,If it wasn't for them i wouldn't of been able to do this,There awesome wrestlers and made a huge imapact in my life,Matt and his inspiring blogs and all his words,Thank you very much,Your all the best,I own it all them and specially want to say thanks to all of you the fans for all your love and support,I'm speaking truely from my heart.

Oh one more thing i want to post

Ugh,Some girl commented on my chat box on my page that i have and she said to me this to me

"I don't wanna let you down but to be a WWE you need to be very hot! and
 u r way too old for that, sorry"  

 Honestly can i ask you all,do you think I'm pretty enough to make it and think 28 is to old?  I love this and its my dream but I'm so tired of the haters and people trying to put me down.Its actually making me feel sad,I want this more then anything else in this world.Damn these haters,will the hate ever end?  I thank those who do support me and show me love,I now made my page private,Not sure if she was on my friend page or not but whatever,I don't care if she reads this,I don't think I'm to old at all,I Might not be that pretty but Isn't it about how you wrestle and not looks? please leave me your opinion and let me know your thoughts please.I want to thank you all for reading this,Please leave me your feedback and thoughts,Much love to you all

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