Bikini Poll of the Week: Jessica Biel

October 31, 2008

Jessica Biel has blossomed from playing a wholesome preacher’s daughter on 7th Heaven into an incredibly hot woman. This year she was voted FHM’s second sexiest woman in the world and last year she was Stuff Magazine's number one pick. The lady has a killer body and absolutely kills it in a bikini.

So the tough question of the week - Which bikini does Jessica Biel look hottest in?

Bikini #1


In an attempt to get out of her 7th Heaven contract and to sex up her image, Jessica posed semi-nude on the cover of Gear Magazine. Fans and the producers of the show were outraged by the sexy photos, especially since Jessica was a minor at the time.

Bikini #2


Jessica narrowly missed out on a role in American Beauty, which went to Thora Birch. She eventually found film stardom with roles in the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Illusionist and Chuck and Larry.

Bikini #3


Jessica is a trained vocalist and appeared in many musicals when she was younger. She is producing an album with her boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

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