I See Dead People's MySpaces on MyDeathSpace

October 31, 2008

MyDeathSpace is a website dedicated to locating and featuring the MySpace profiles of the deceased.  All of the featured profiles are user-submitted, and tend toward the young and tragic (a lot of car accidnts and overdoses with the average age in the early 20s).  Creepy? Indeed.  Creepier yet, though, are the forums. 


In the thread “Death + YouTube” the mydeathspace admin posted this video of a girl crying and decrying the site for their insensitive treatment of postmortem profiles.  Below the video was “We'll be waiting for you.....lol @ the tissues on her floor.”

While I have to admire the lulz here, there are hundreds of threads of similar gallows humor.  I like a good dark comedy every once in a while, but, sh*t – you’d need a floodlight to navigate this site.