ESPN Finds a Way to let us Actually Bet on Sex

October 29, 2009

If there’s three things America loves - it’s sex, gambling, and childhood obesity. And since betting on fat kids playing dodgeball is illegal in 38 states (thanks a lot, Utah), the fine folks at ESPN have taken time off of sleeping with interns and getting hit on by Joe Namath to help create a world where sex and gambling have been combined in one glorious prop bet., an online sports book with the moral compass of a Columbian drug lord, has set up a “Next ESPN Broadcaster to be Involved in a Sex Scandal” bet on their web site for degenerates who sit around thinking “I’m so positive that Chris Berman has a Taiwanese hooker tied up in his basement, I’d bet what’s left of my kid’s college fund on it.”

Currently the odds are as follows:

Suzy Kolber (5.5/1)
Bill Walton (2.5/1)
Jim Rome (3/1)
Stuart Scott (4/1)
Mel Kiper Jr. (5/1)
Chris Berman (3.5/1)

That’s right folks, according to the gambling world Bill Walton is the biggest potential pervert at ESPN.

Go ahead and make your bet today.

You never know when a "Mel Kiper Jr. trades draft grades for sexual favors" story is about to break.

Source: Skip Bolen:Getty Images Sport/Getty Images