Dating Advice from Kendra Wilkinson

July 23, 2009

Former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson is dishing out some dating tips. And if you want to score a girl like her, you best adhere to her advice.

The former star of The Girls Next Door has taken to her blog to discuss her idea of the ideal date. First off, don’t even contemplate taking her to a movie. That my friends is a big no, no. Kendra writes, "I really HATE when a guy thinks its cool to take me to the movies. Honestly what's fun about that???? How are u supposed to get to know someone when u cant speak to each other for 2 hours." I kind of like the idea of not talking to Kendra.

Next up Kendra says that a man shouldn’t act like he’s going to get some. He should coat-check his cockiness because Kendra won’t take it. She blogs, " Also, acting like he thought he was going to seal the deal as soon as the night ended….even if i were planning on sleeping with him LOL, if he acted cocky about it then that was an immediate turnoff for me hahaha.”

So what is Kendra’s ideal first date? Well, she likes to do it outdoors. "If I'm taken on a hike, or jet skiing, or dirt biking then I'll DEFINITELY be impressed, she says. “Anything outdoors is ok with me."

Kendra then ends her post by saying, "So if a guy wants to see me again, the best way to ensure that is by taking me to do something fun and exciting," she says at the end of the blog post. "Well ... hypothetically speaking that is. I'm a married woman!!!!!! LOL."

What a cock tease!


Source: Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty Images