July 28, 2010

SPARTAN --- Xiphos shortsword, Spear, Javelin, Shield.

KNIGHT --- Broadsword, Halberd, Crossbow, Morningstar.

EDGE --- Broadsword for longer reach and more lethality, Halberd for ax + spear + hook combo, Crossbow for repetitive shots and better accuracy, Shield for strong offence + defence and can't be penetrated.

A Knight mounted on his horse rides into a plain where he notices a brass soldier. The soldier then yells in Greek, "SPARTA!!!" Feeling insulted the Knight rides up with a morningstar attack. Feeling the hit, the Spartan spears the horse, dismounting the Knight.

After retaliating the fall, the Knight gets distance from his foe and shoots the crossbow, hitting the enemy in the brass chest armor, slightly penetrating. The Spartan throws the javelin, falling short of his target.

The Spartan charges towards the Knight. He knocks him down, slashing his armor with the xiphos. The Knight uses his morningstar to wrap around the xiphos, take away, and demolishes the skin on the Spartan's armor. The Knight then kicks him down, finally gets up, and hits the Spartan's helmet right off.

While in agonizing pain, the Spartan graps his spear and hits the Knight in the left shoulder. He grabs the halberd and broadsword to battle the spear. The Spartan sticks his spear in the leg of the Knight. When down, the Knight slashes the feet of his foe.

Now that both are handicapped, the Knight crawls with the broadsword and decapitates his enemy.

KNIGHT --- 522

Broadsword --- 153.

Halberd --- 171.

Crossbow --- 94.

Morningstar --- 104.

SPARTAN --- 478.

Xiphos --- 123.

Spear --- 148.

Javelin --- 74.

Shield --- 123.