Unmanned Bots Bring Death a Million Times a Minute

May 29, 2008


Metal Storm, an Australian based gun designer, has teamed up with iRobot to create an alternate version of the automatic vacuum cleaner: an unmanned vehicle capable of firing a million rounds a minute. Like a real-life GI Joe toy, the gun can be replaced with a robotic arm capable of lifting 150 pounds.

As you might have guessed, Metal Storm and iRobot aren't manufacturing these pilotless harbingers of doom to win a blue ribbon at the science fair. These babies are meant to deploy thousands of shells a minute to: make sure the terrorists don't win; keep the Mexicans from crossing the border and providing much-needed low cost labor to our economy; contain and control crowds that get too rowdy. Anyone remember Kent State?


Yeah, these robots are definitely a good idea.

As of right now no one's using them for anything due to safety concerns. This conjures up memories of that scene in the beginning of the first Robocop when the ED 209 blows away that suit in the middle of a corporate meeting.

So I guess the real question is: once these military bots are unleashed, who will protect us from them?