Bill Bates Takes You Inside the Red Zone

by   June 08, 2009 at 3:08PM  |  Views: 139

As we move along in tonight's all new episode with our quest to find a player for the Cowboys on 4th and Long, we have had to make a number of tough decisions. Last week's decision to let Erick Jackson go was extremely difficult. Especially since he was one of my DBs! I expected much more out of Jackson, and this may be the reason he is not here any more. Coach Joe, Michael, and myself take these decisions very seriously! You, as the fan of the show, have no idea how hard it is for us as coaches to end the player's dream...again.

As we move along, tonight's show is full of great one-on-one competitions. As DBs in the red zone, we have to be able to play man-to-man and make the QB throw the toughest pass. Some times the DBs cannot make the play, but by making the QB squeeze the ball into tight places this gives the DB the best chance!

It always made me extremely mad to have Jay Novacek -- or any other player -- covered and see Troy Aikman throw it one inch away from my out stretched hand. That is why he is in the Hall of Fame!

We are making these men work hard for their dream, but know that each week it gets harder and harder to decide who will stay and who will go! Let the competition begin...

P.S. I was able to attend the first big event at the new Cowboy Stadium and see the George Strait concert. The stadium is unlike any other and everyone should find a way to be there. If you are lucky, you may have George Strait sing you happy birthday like he did for me Saturday night...

Bill Bates played 15 years for the Dallas Cowboys, and he was elected All-Pro Cowboy in 1984. He serves along side Joe Avezzano as coach on 4th and Long.


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