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Top 10 Minigames That Derailed the Actual Game

by Theta1138   August 02, 2011 at 10:00PM  |  Views: 56,918

5. The Saboteur's Blowing Things Up

Source: Electronic Arts

We're pretty sure that somewhere within The Saboteur is an actual main storyline, probably involving the French. We wouldn't know, we've been too busy blowing things up.

True, blowing things up is the hallmark of any great, or even mediocre, video game, but in this particular case, it's like somebody decided to make a video game that was just a great big "go around blowing things up" playground. After all, you're here to stop the Nazis, right? So taking out a sniper's nest, or a machine gun emplacement, or a bridge, that's a good thing, right?

4. Super Mario 3's Original Mario Bros.

Source: Nintendo

If you were a kid in the '80s or '90s, you probably played Super Mario Bros. 3. And you also probably tried to bump your friend off the map because that's what video games are all about: stabbing your friend in the back and pushing them down in the muck in a safe, clean, family-friendly way (at least until your mom left the room and you popped in Mortal Kombat).

The game settled this the most awesome way it knew how: a minigame of the original Mario Bros. arcade game. Often if you wanted to advance, you'd find yourself playing this game a lot. Or, you know, playing this game by itself, since knocking your best friend off a platform was all you really wanted to do.

3. Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies

Source: Activision

People hate Nazis. People hate Zombies. People really, really hate Nazi zombies. Ergo, killing them is a public service.

How popular is Nazi Zombies, originally a goofy joke from Call of Duty: World at War? So popular that it was released as a standalone game on the iPad; so popular, in fact, that a sequel was included with "Black Ops" that features a few of the politicians you run into gunning down their own set of flesh-eating monsters.

Although we have to admit, Nixon and Castro killing zombies together is historically accurate, so...

2. Ocarina of Time's Fishing Hole

Source: Nintendo

There have been many attempts to bring the speed and excitement of fishing to video games, but no company has ever pulled it off. It's not like there's a fishing series that rivals Madden...unless you're a Zelda player.

Yep, Link likes to fish. And players like to fish. They like to fish so much that Nintendo hasn't dared release a Zelda game since Ocarina that doesn't involve fishing of some sort. This may be why Wind Waker made you use a boat. Just guessing on that one.

1. Anything in Morrowind that Isn't the Main Quest

Source: Bethesda Softworks

Here's a conundrum for you: say you make a game, like, oh The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. It's got an incredibly complicated and deep world, in addition to a complex and engaging main quest.

Now imagine that everything aside from the main quest is so popular, players actually create a mod to remove the main quest and you just play side missions or goof around.

Here's the poser: does that mean the game succeeded...or failed?