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Top 10 Minigames That Derailed the Actual Game

by Theta1138   August 02, 2011 at 10:00PM  |  Views: 56,918

Minigames are a great addition to big title video games; they keep you playing, but you get a little break from the action and rack up some major rewards. Or you can decide the world can save itself and just keep playing the minigame.

10. Dead Space's Zero-G Basketball

Source: Electronic Arts

Isaac Clarke has problems, mostly of the "I've got lots of space zombies to kill" variety. So the man needs to relax, and get some exercise that doesn't involve sprinting or tension exercises against a large tentacle trying to eat him. So he plays hoops.

Without gravity.

Problem is, even though it's just a solo game, zero-g basketball turns out to be sometimes more fun than the actual game. Just for example, nobody's sending you to assemble a thermite bomb to open a door when you're an engineer running around with cutting tools.

9. Fallout's, Well, Everything

Source: Interplay Entertainment

Here's pretty much all you need to know about the sidequests and other ways to amuse yourself in Fallout or its sequels: the developers actually put a time limit on your quest in the first two games so you'd stay focused.

Fallout 3 only imposed a time limit towards the end of the game...and then the dev team found that so many players had hit the level cap before even starting the actual game that they had to raise the level cap.

8. Super Mario RPG's Game Boy Game

Source: Nintendo

Nintendo likes to be self-referential, so it's no surprise that Super Mario RPG had a Game Boy hidden inside of it. What is a surprise is how much time you'll be spending playing that game instead of, well, Super Mario RPG.

The game itself is essentially Space Invaders with score multipliers and combos. The problem is that you'll spend five hours playing it when you really should be trying to save the world. Well, maybe one more game...

7. No More Heroes 2's Chores

Source: Ubisoft

One of the problems in No More Heroes was that you had to do ridiculously boring chores in order to get the money to go kill people with lightsabers. It was like a Star Wars game where you spend the majority of your time herding nerfs instead of beating up Stormtroopers.

Fortunately, the publisher heard the criticism, and in No More Heroes 2...suddenly you're playing 8-bit games. We wish our chores would be like that: it might finally make washing the dishes fun.

6. Red Dead Redemption's Gambling

Source: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption is already a bit of a time sink. It's got sidequests almost as long as the main game, hideouts to find, badges to earn, bounties to track down, safes to crack, uniforms to unlock, duels to play...and gambling. Lots and lots and lots of gambling.

Want some blackjack? You'll find it in most towns. Want some poker? The game will even help you cheat if you get the Elegant Suit. How about some Liar's Dice? Your family can wait, right?