The Greatest Celebrity Moments in CES History

December 14, 2011
The thought of being the first person to see the newest gadgets and gizmos may bring tech-heads to the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show from all over the world, but they rarely make for the best stories on the trip back home. That's why scores of celebrities are flown to Las Vegas each year to give those in attendance something more interesting to talk about than being the first person to see the new DDR3 SDRAM infused device. These are the moments that some attendees are still talking about to this very day.

Taylor Swift

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images News

No one on this planet is more likable than the star of "Forrest Gump," "Apollo 13" and "The DaVinci Code". In fact, science has proven that puppies run a close to second to Mr. Hanks on the likability charts. His likable quotient jumped by double digits in 2009 when he was brought on board by Sony to help promote their new lineup of products, but he instead gave a friendly roasting of the company's droll "state-of-the-industry" speech. It was a riffing that only Hanks' ultra friendly presence could pull off. He could have walked out on stage, punched Sony's CEO dead in the face and still gotten a standing ovation.

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